Hi all, I will be transferring my book reviews to a new blog I made specifically for it! The "Book Reviews" category will soon be wiped but here's the announcement before you're all alarmed and such. Hope you're having a great day!  



I spotted this on my friend's Facebook post, and I thought it would be interesting to do. Dear Ex - NA Dear self - Dare to dream, dare to venture because the sky is the limit. Carpe Diem. Dear Dad - Know that I will and can carve out my future, even if I didn't … Continue reading Dear…

Killing my arms

Status update: year 2 is close to over, with just a final component of my documentary module left.  Yesterday was great, impromptu bowling + pool + dinz meetup with a really great frienddd. It was exceptionally funny to cringe at horrible karaoke singers at the bar and leech off the karaoke and have a mini-karoke … Continue reading Killing my arms


I'm just one person, on my own, so please don't bombard me with too much information. It's information overload, I really can't process everything at once, especially since I was cramming finance related things on bonds and equities earlier and I have no room to think about anything anymore. Also, why aren't the others trying … Continue reading Overload

Unlucky Me

Chinese New Year is approaching in a few days time! It's finally a bunch of days where I can kind of rest and meet my relatives, especially from my maternal side because I rarely meet them. But Murphy's Law would have it that I get a sore throat two days ago and now I've caught … Continue reading Unlucky Me