Perth! Wow, the year's coming to a close so quickly! They say when you're busy with so many things, time is just a blur and it seems to fly by even faster. Last week, I was in Perth, Australia for a week-long vacation over Christmas. It was great to see and experience what it's like … Continue reading Perth!


Bali Trip’15

Hello, travellers! I'm finally back from Bali and as you can see in my previous post, there will be many upcoming posts about my Bali trip that I wish to share with you all. However, I won't be posting them under this category because it will be harder to access. So I'll be posting them … Continue reading Bali Trip’15

Desaru Day 2

I'm now back in my bedroom typing this post on my MacBook. Nothing much happened today; other than a depressing breakfast at the Palm Brasserie in the resort. There was little variety of food available in the buffet, bowls, glasses and cups not enough for the crowd. The refilling of the empty buffet trays also took quite awhile. … Continue reading Desaru Day 2